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  • Cyber Investigations

Originally formed in 2003, Fusion Forensics quickly established itself as one of the UK’s leading digital forensic suppliers.


Since then, Fusion Forensics has continued to develop new services to meet both the advances in technology and the ever changing requirements of our customers, expanding their capabilities into cyber investigations and regulatory compliance.  


With Fusion’s consultants originating from varied respected backgrounds, including cyber & digital forensic investigations, law enforcement and military professional standards and compliance, you can be assured of a specialised service from a straight talking, experienced and pragmatic professional.


Fusions Forensics team:


Senior Consultants


Fiona Litchfield - former Royal Military Police

Business Development Manager


Fiona has concluded 12 years service with the Royal Military Police (RMP) including 8 years within the Service Police Crime Bureau.  She has over 11 years digital forensics experience and is skilled in both computer and mobile phone disciplines.  Fiona has delivered expert witness testimony at both military and crown court.  Her research in mobile phone forensics was notably highlighted with the publication of a white paper which was also published at the F3 forensic conference.


Stephen Haslett - former Royal Military Police

Fusion's Cyber Investigations Consultant


Stephen has concluded 21 years colour service with the Royal Military Police (RMP) including 15 years in the Special Investigation Branch (SIB).  With over 12 years of his military career spent in digital forensics, he is highly proficient in all major disciplines having been involved in prosecution, defence, civil and corporate investigations as well as incident response.


Stehen is also a fully qualified Covert Internet Investigator (CII), OSINT practitioner, ISO2701 Lead Implementer and GDPR Auditor.


Stephen now specialises in conducting investigations into cyber security events and data breaches.


Stuart Crighton - Former Royal Military Police

Information Security and Data Compliance Consultant


Stuart served for over 265 years, 19 of which were as a member of the Royal Military Police (RMP), 16 years under the banner of Special Investigation Branch (SIB).  The final 4 years of service saw Stuart specialising in Professional Standards, Compliance and the development/implementation of an IPCC (now IOPC) compliant Complaints Policy across a global organisation.  Stuart holds a panache for leading/reviewing serious, complex investigations and is highly adept at developing/applying technical digital forensics evidence into the wider sphere of an active organisation.


Stuart has been involved in prosecution, coronial, civil and corporate investigations as well as international incident response.


Stuart is qualified as a Crime Scene Examiner, Senior Investigating Officer, PRINCE2 Practitioner and GDPR Practitioner.  He is now specialising in providing GDPR related services that includes GAP analysis, implementation, risk awareness, training and ongoing consultancy.

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