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With a broad and transferable skillset we are able to work with a wide range of businesses tailoring our support to meet their needs exactly.  Whether a family run business in a niche marketplace or a larger organisation with a more structured corporate framework we can adapt to meet their needs.

Our Valued Clients

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The Rainbow Centre, Fareham

Interim Management progressing to full time CEO

Having joined the Board of Trustees I was invited to step down and become Interim Business Manager during a period of great change and uncertainty for The Rainbow Centre.  


I saw the successful re-branding and positioning of the charity within the region and during the past 4 years, worked with the Fundraising team to increase monthly known income to 39%.   I was instrumental in the launch of 4 initiatives to improve the sustainable income for the charity both in the immediate and in the long term providing sound platforms to engage with businesses, individuals and potential major donors alike: The 100 Club; Free Will Scheme; Helping Hand Fund and Footprint Fund.


Working with the Centre team and Board we developed a vision for the charity in the short, medium and long term and I was instrumental in developing relationships with key trusts and organisations to ensure support would be in place to achieve those when the time was right.


Professional Connection, Wickham

GDPR Compliance project

Phoenix Project Solutions were asked to come in and take the PC team through the entire GDPR Compliance process.  As an IFA with 400 + clients it was vital to ensure a detailed review of all existing forms, processes, policies and procedures and as a result of this project Phoenix have gone on to develop their GDPR Compliance Manual.

Lara is very dedicated to any role which she takes on and has an extremely high work rate. She is a very committed person and always gives a 100% to any task or project on which she embarks.

Gareth Morgan - previous Treasurer and Chair of Trustees for The Rainbow Centre

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