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driven by the desire to help others succeed

Lara Bull


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I am a highly motivated individual and will apply my full skill set to ensure any project I am working on is completed on time, within budget and reporting guidelines.  Able to work both on my own or within a team ensuring all members are working towards a common end goal whilst supporting individuals to deliver in their roles. 


As CEO of The Rainbow Centre I worked with the fundraising team to increase monthly known income to 39%.  We also worked with supporter organisations/corporate donors and individuals increasing income to a monthly average of £60,000.  


I saw the successful re-branding and positioning of the charity within the region, and was instrumental in the launch of 4 initiatives to improve the sustainable income for the charity both in the immediate and in the long term providing sound platforms to engage with businesses, individuals and potential major donors alike: The 100 Club; Free Will Scheme; Helping Hand Fund and Footprint Fund.

Working with the team we developed a vision for the charity in the short, medium and long term and I was instrumental in developing relationships with key trusts and organisations to ensure support would be in place to achieve those when the time was right.


Prior to that I had 16 years experience with a recruitment company expanding its network across the UK.  Responsible for 6 integral company support functions I now want to use my skillset and experience to support other companies (who may have a manpower or skills shortage) to achieve growth and development themselves through the execution of essential projects.



Change implementation post acquisition/merger - new business integration

Project support/delivery

Procurement (general/specific projects), cost rationalisation and budgeting

Acquisition and fit-out of offices, refurbishment, end of term dilapidations, staff relocation with minimal disruption to business

Research, product development

Background History

Lara is very dedicated to any role which she takes on and has an extremely high work rate. She is a very committed person and always gives a 100% to any task or project on which she embarks.

Gareth Morgan - previous Treasurer and Chair of Trustees for The Rainbow Centre

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